The Coalition for Critical Infrastructure (CCI) is disappointed that eminent domain legislation failed to pass this session. Despite diligent, good faith negotiations with landowners that began in January, the stakeholders were unable to reach final agreement on the bill. It is unfortunate that at least one landowner group casts blame on the Chair of the House Land and Resource Management Committee, his colleagues and industry for the outcome. In fact, the final House version provided impartial initial offer requirements, easement terms, and landowner meetings, as they requested. It also addressed landowner concerns regarding right of way agent practices and the timing of special commissioners’ hearings. The heart of the issue is that the Senate bill vastly expanded the potential for costly litigation, including the recovery of attorney’s fees, and indefinite delay of vitally needed infrastructure projects. The House rightly removed litigation incentives from the bill in favor of common-sense reforms to the existing process. Unfortunately, though most of the parties signed off on the House approach when it came out of committee, this final difference could not be overcome. CCI pledges to continue these discussions in the interim in hopes of moving this important issue forward in 2021.